"We didn't just stop in Portland to perform our show. We became a part of the community." 

—  Matt Kent and Renee Jaworski

 Artistic Directors, Pilobolus

White Bird offers masterclasses with nearly every company that we bring to Portland, connecting the local dancers to the international community. Part of our mission is to foster the growth of the local dance scene here in Portland. We commit to this by offering continued dance education through workshops and masterclasses around town. 

Thank you to the following studios and universities for hosting classes: 

Engaging the local dance community

Friday Night Post-Show Talk Backs 

White Bird facilitates audience talk backs for three-run shows at the Newmark Theatre. Talk backs are a way for the audience to further engage with the choreographer and dancers in visiting companies and provide a unique experience for the companies to interact with the Portland audience. 

Be sure to purchase your tickets on a Friday night if you'd like to take part in the conversion!

Special thanks to our community partners: 


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