Our Team

Meet the Co-Founders

Walter Jaffe and Paul King launched White Bird in July 1997 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing excellence in dance to Portland, Oregon. Their cockatoo Barney, the ‘CEO’ and namesake of the organization, keeps things lively, and is over 30 years old.

Meet the Staff



Susan Jeannet

Director of Finance

Graham Cole

Director of Merchandise, Nest Coordinator and Group Sales

Jeff Forbes

Technical Director

Natalie Anthony

Graphic Design

The Board of Directors

Paul King, President

Walter Jaffe, Secretary, Treasurer


Ann Edwards, Ken Edwards, Susan Ellis, Kim Allchurch Flick, Sandra Holmes, Gary Nelson, Minh Tran, VinhWong

Nancy & George Thorn, Founding Board Members Emereti

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