Caleb Teicher
& Company

Oct 17-19, 2019

"Astounding expressiveness, natural charm, and unforced theatricality"

-2011 Bessie Awards 

Reggie Wilson/
Fist and Heel Performance Group

Nov 7-9, 2019

"A remarkable work that flows seamlessly

from start to finish" 

-The New York Times

Reggie Wilson Photo by Ian Douglas (5).j
Niv Sheinfeld &
Oren Laor 

Feb 5-9, 2020

"A clever and graceful work with deep insights-clearly a labor of love and beyond."

-The Jerusalem Post 

Niv and Oren Photo by Efrat Mazor  (5).j
Camille A. Brown 

Apr 2-4, 2020

"Rousing and incisive"

-The New York Times 

Camille A. Brown - Photo by Christopher
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Feb 27-29, 2020

"Boasting superb, verging on unbelievable talent."

-Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Cirque Alfonse
Rennie Harris Photo by Brian Mengini (3)

Mar 5-7, 2020

A hip-hop extravaganza for all ages!

Rennie Harris