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Bird Blog Book Club: Part 1

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

When you’re a dancer, as with any profession or skill, you never stop learning. However, a lot of dancers keep their education within studio walls. I believe it is important for dancers to also educate themselves by reading on different dance topics in order to keep our minds healthy and our comprehension of all facets of our art form tuned. With this in mind, I think it would be fun to start a mini ‘book club’ on the blog. I’ll be recommending some of my favorite dance related books in hopes that it inspires others to pick them up.

This post I am recommending Conditioning for Dancers by Tom Welsh. Conditioning for Dancers has changed my approach to my attempts at cross-training outside of class. There was a fear, that luckily I think is dissipating more and more, that specifically female dancers will look too bulky if they take up cross-training. This has been disproven and it is now known that cross-training is crucial in furthering a dancer’s capabilities and aids in preventing injury. Conditioning for Dancers gives applicable ways to use body weight or therabands to strengthen muscles that will improve class performance. This book will help give you the strength to have and hold a higher développé, have an incredibly engaged core, strengthen muscles that correct posture, and more. I think this is a very applicable approach to reading a book about dance that will allow you to see the benefits if you implement the exercises.

Conditioning for Dancers is available to check out from Multnomah County Libraries here, or for purchase at Powell’s Books here.

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