A special message from Torrence

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Friends of White Bird,  

Hello! My name is Torrence Williams, and I work as a mentor at a Portland-based recovery program. We are recipients of four season subscriptions through White Bird’s NEST (No Empty Seats Today) program. I’m writing to you on behalf of White Bird, to offer insight into what the NEST program means to our organization, and to encourage you to donate generously during their fiscal year-end campaign.

Parsons Dance in Trey McIntire's Ma Maison

My job is to meet our clients where they are, let them know that I am just like them, and offer an opportunity to recover from addiction. Part of our mission is to support the personal transformation of our peers through recovery. White Bird’s NEST program offers this opportunity by providing access to the life-changing power of the arts. Each year, White Bird provides us with season subscriptions to the Dance Series, in addition to extra tickets donated from subscribers. This totaled 56 tickets last season. That’s 56 chances for dance to uplift and inspire the folks we serve, who are working hard towards their recovery and return to society.  

For the ticket-recipients, coming to a White Bird show is a chance to belong to a community they may never have thought they could be a part of. When our clients see dancers who have honed their skills to an expert level performing on stage, it shows them that anything is possible. Giving this experience to our community provides those in recovery a beacon of hope.   

Just this past spring, one client was hesitant to attend the Parson Dance Company show. The company performed Trey McIntire’s Ma Maison, a tribute to the spirit of New Orleans. The client, a native of Louisiana, told me that "this show did so much in changing their perspective on how they could be a part of something they never thought they could be. It made them feel at home.”   

White Bird engages with those in our city who need the joy and hope of the arts the most and makes a real impact in the lives of our recovery group. It's experiences like these that fuel the NEST program.

Please consider donating to White Bird's fiscal year-end campaign by Sunday, June 30th, and do so knowing that your gift allows programs like NEST to continue broadening the reach of the arts in your city. 


With gratitude,

Torrence Williams

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