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A Special Message from Nana

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Hello, My name is Nana Nash and I am a longtime volunteer and donor to White Bird. I’m reaching out to you today to share why I choose to be part of the White Bird family. I hope my story will inspire you to join me in donating to White Bird's fiscal year-end campaign. 

For the past twenty years I’ve helped usher at performances and volunteer at community events and fundraisers. A truly memorable experience for me was celebrating a special anniversary for White Bird by dancing in two free Le Grand Continental community performances in Pioneer Courthouse Square. It was here that I really had the chance to experience the power of White Bird in action. We‘re all aware of the world-class dance companies they bring to Portland, but this was such a wonderful example of what else White Bird does for our city. I was able to dance with 163 community members from all over town. My friends and I sweat it out with a group that so beautifully represented the diversity of Portland. Together with every age, race, size, gender, orientation, and spirit, we shared the magical experience of movement.  

Le Grand Continental at Pioneer Courthouse Square

White Bird truly cares about Portland and our dance community. This unique organization has made a total commitment to us, so now let’s make a commitment to them. I choose to support White Bird as they continue to shape the culture of our city, for the past twenty-two years, and into our future. 

Please join with me today in donating before the end of White Bird's fiscal year on June 30th, to ensure that White Bird continues to soar for seasons to come!


With respect and appreciation, 

Nana Nash, MA

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