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10 Things I Learned About Momix From a Simple Google Search

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Viva Momix

1. Momix is for all ages! They tell you to ‘bring the whole family’ right on the homepage of their website.

2. Momix has shown 8 total works in their nearly 40 years. Their anniversary shows are an amalgamation pulling from some of these 8 pieces. For their performance with White Bird they will be doing their 35th anniversary show, Viva Momix, which draws from their 6 most recent works.

3. None of Momix’s shows have a concrete storyline but are instead often inspired and derived from things within nature. Check out one of my favorite pieces about the desert called Opus-Cactus.

4. Momix considers themselves ‘dance-illusionist’. Their illusions are not just about the movement but are aided by outstanding lighting, props, and costumes.

5. Momix holds auditions once per year for anyone aspiring to be a part of the company. They held their 2019 auditions this past April so if you’re looking to join you’ll have to wait until 2020.

6. Momix has done commercial work with notable brands such as Hanes and Target. They have also been commissioned by Fiat and Mercedes Benz for performances in Italy and Germany.

7. Moses Pendleton, the artistic director of Momix, began dancing at Dartmouth as a way to recover from an injury, which is when he fell in love with the art form. He speaks about that more in this interview. From there he co-founded Pilobolus Dance Theater in 1971, and then formed his own company, Momix, in 1980.

Pilobolus Dancers

8. Cynthia Quinn, Pendleton’s wife, danced for both Pilobolus and Momix before taking on her role as Associate Director of Momix.

9. Pendleton lives, creates, works, and rehearses all on the same Connecticut street. Pendleton and Quinn live in a 22-room Victorian home that includes an expansive backyard, which often acts as his choreographic inspiration, and is across the street from a renovated old horse barn that works as Momix’s rehearsal space. You can read more about it in this article, interviewing Pendleton and Quinn.