Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Grupo Corpo

Bach and Gira 

"Explosive and exuberant"

-La Nueva Espana

Brazil's seductive Grupo Corpo returns to White Bird with two new works that will light up the stage featuring the company's incomparable mix of contemporary dance, ballet, and Afro-Brazilian movement. Bach, based on the great Baroque composer's scores, celebrates the architecture of life through stunning movement, costuming, and set design. Gira invokes the gestures and ritualized movement of "Umbanda," one of the most widely practiced religions in Brazil. 

wed| Feb 12 | 7:30pm

Arlene Schnitzer concert hall

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Show FAQ

  • Run time: 110, one intermission

  • Arts for All tickets available 2hr prior at the Arlene Schntizer Concert Hall  or at the P5 Box Office during their regular hours with valid Oregon Trail Card

What the press is saying...

"Their joyful movement was classical technique running on an electric current.. Read the full article" (The Dance Enthusiast)

"The company represents the excellence of contemporary Brazilian dance, always drawing inspiration from very different backgrounds and cultures... Read the full article" (The Wonderful World of Dance) 

Did you know? talking points about the work
  • Paulo Pederneiras co-founded Grupo Corpo with his brother Rodrigo in 1975. The company was the first major dance presence in Belo Horizonte, a city in Minas Gerais, Brazil's third largest region. 

  • Not only is Paulo the artistic director, but he is the lead set designer as well. 

  • Gira, one of the works to be performed in Portland, is an examination of the rites of Umbanda, a native Brazilian religion that combines Catholicism and Kardecism.

  • Grupo Corpo has ten ballets in its repertoire and gives 80 performances a year

  • There are 23 dancers in the company

  • The company has an extensive touring schedule, and has been to 45 countries over the years. 

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