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THU-SAT | 7:30pm + 2pm Sat Matinee
MARCH 2-4, 2017
Newmark Theatre

“A perfect blend with just the right dose of ingredients, like in the very best recipes.” -The Huffington Post

Les 7 Doigts (The 7 Fingers) Delight All Ages in Portland –Rachael Carnes, Eugene Weekly



Montreal, Quebec


Special 2pm Saturday Matinee!

Program Running Time: 90 Minutes Without Intermission

Cuisine & Confessions is perfect for food-obsessed Portland. Following on the heels of the dazzling Sequence 8, Montreal’s famed The 7 Fingers circus company returns with a wildly exuberant show, featuring acrobats who cook and bake before your very eyes. While you are mesmerized by their incredible circus skills, your senses will be heightened by the delicious smells wafting from the stage. You might even get a taste of their cooking.

Some Things You Should Know
About Cuisine & Confessions:

The Stories Are True!
Cuisine & Confessions was built on the real-life personal stories of each cast member. Creationbegan with extensive storytelling sessions, after which directors Shana Carroll and Sebastien Soldevila extracted facts, themes, and images and wove them throughout each act. Everything thing is based on these real stories.

All Food is Prepared Live on Stage!
Food preparation begins on stage during the 30-minute pre-show and continues during the performance, at various times with assistance from audience members. From the minute the house opens through the final bows, food is always cooking—from omelets, to vegetable pasta, to our signature banana bread.

The Set is Inspired by the Cast’s Home Kitchens!
To create the set, scenic designer Ana Capellutto asked company members to share photos of their childhood kitchens, their current kitchens, and their “dream kitchens,” greatly inspiring the final design. She also asked each performer to bring in a personal item to keep somewhere on the set, to help create an intimate kitchen space. The set continues to tour with these personal items.

Cast Members take Turns Washing the Dishes!
Every family has its own way of sharing responsibilities, and the Cuisine & Confessions family is no different. Cooking creates a mess, and at the end of each performance, a different cast member cleans up the dishes in our working on-stage sink, adhering to a scheduled rotation.

Talking Points:

The Seven Fingers Circus Company of Montreal was founded in 2002 by seven different directors. They envisioned a new form of circus performance, “circus at human scale”. Cuisine and Confessions is just that, bringing memories and confessions of life in the kitchen. It is a delight for the senses. Acrobats cook, dance, and share kitchen confessionals along side their incredible circus skills and the smell of food.

∙ The Seven Fingers Circus Company of Montreal was founded in 2002 by the seven directors, Isabelle Chassé, Shana Carroll, Patrick Léonard, Faon Shane, Gypsy Snider, Sébastien Soldevila and Samuel Tétreaul.

∙ When the Seven Fingers was formed, each of the directors had nearly 20 years of performance experience under their belts.

∙ Drawing from decades on the road and in the ring, the seven founders wanted to offer a brand new form of circus performance. They envisioned a sort of “circus at human scale” — shows seeped in intimacy and familiarity that brought the empowerment of the extraordinary through the proximity of the ordinary, with very real human beings who breathed and danced and spoke from the heart.

∙ Cuisine and Confessions combines acrobatics, dancing, and cooking all in one show, along with memories and confessions surrounding food and the kitchen. The senses will be filled with the smell of food, and the visually mesmerizing circus skills.

∙ The show features nine artists of various circus disciplines and backgrounds.

∙ Fun Fact: The name Seven Fingers is a twist on a French idiom (“the five fingers of the hand”) used to describe distinct parts united tightly, moving in coordination towards one common goal. Here it refers to the 7 founding directors of the company combining their distinct talents and experiences, work towards their common artistic goals with the beautifully awkward dexterity of a 7-fingered hand.



Newmark Theatre
1111 SW Broadway
Portland, United States
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