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THUR-SAT | 8pm
MARCH 9-11, 2017
Newmark Theatre

“So wonderful that it seems miraculous” The New York Times



Artistic Director, Sonia Destri Lie

PROGRAM: (110 minutes running time including intermission)
All pieces conceived and choreographed by Sonia Destri Lie
Original music by Rodrigo Marçal


ID:ENTIDADES explores the everlasting possibility of dialogue between hip-hop, urban traffic, and contemporary dance. Companhia Urbana de Dança thinks and makes dance in a particular way, where styles are visited and incorporated into the research and creation process without labeling of any kind. ID:ENTIDADES, with Rodrigo Marçal’s music, was recognized with a 2010 Bessie Award and named one of 2010’s top 10 dance performances of the year according to Time Out New York and the New York Times.



The idea for NA PISTA was born from the investigation of each individual dancer’s roots, and the results burn up the dance floor with choreography inspired by the rhythms that were part of their daily lives growing up in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Their themes were inspired by the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the complexity of the human experience within this environment, and their personal histories. Their performances can be described as infused with sparkling vitality. Freedom is an omnipresent element. Every single dancer gets the opportunity to express his or her unique personalities and special talents, while congenially interacting with the rest of the company, reflecting the expression of the individual as part of a community.

The eight versatile male dancers of Companhia Urbana de Dança, plus one female dancer, bring their experiences of growing up in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas (shanty towns) and suburbs to vivid life through their unique fusion of hip hop, urban and contemporary dance filtered through an Afro-Brazilian lens. The company’s volcanic performances have electrified audiences around the world with their creativity and intense, genuine, beautifully expressive movement.



Talking Points:
Founded in 2004/2005 Companhia Urbana De Dança is an ensemble of street performers working to foster the human experience through dance. Artistic Director and choreographer Sonia Destri Lie has combined her background in ballet and contemporary dance with her exposure to Brazilian street forms including hip-hop and b-boy techniques to create a diverse and thrilling company of dancers. Based in Brazil, the dancers bring their unique experiences of growing up in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas and are passionately committed and invested in their art of urban and contemporary dance.

Companhia Urbana De Dança was founded in Brazil in 2004/2005 by choreographer and Artistic Director Sonia Destri Lie and dancer Tiago Sousa.

∙ Companhia Urbana de Dança is an ensemble of street performers working to foster the human experience through dance.

As Artistic Director and choreographer, Sonia Destri Lie has a unique perspective on human expression and form due to her degrees in both psychology and ballet.

Destri traveled through Europe and Brazil for work in theater, film, and musicals and was exposed to hip-hop and b-boy techniques. Highly influenced by these Brazilian street forms, she began to integrate the techniques into her already established contemporary movement sensibility and infused them with the rich cultural influences of Brazil and the favelas (shanty towns).

Destri  has received the Best Script Award by the Ford Foundation, the Staging Award 2011 by the State of Rio de Janeiro for the show Eu Danço, the FADA Award by the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro (2012, 2013 and 2014), and the Best Choreography Award by Conseil International de la Danse (CID_Unesco).

Styles of dance: hip-hop, b-boying, contemporary dance, and Brazilian social dances

The dancers of Companhia Urbana De Dança have thrilled audiences all over the world.  Christina Campodonico of the Los Angeles Times describes: “The dancers freestyled, flipped, tumbled and vogued with such exuberance that they roused three standing ovations from the audience: one at intermission, one at the finale and one following their encore…”

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, the dancers bring their experiences, passion, and individual artistry to all of the choreography.

Fun Fact: It was at the suggestion of dancer Tiago Sousa that Destri start a company, and Sousa is still with the company more than a decade later.



Newmark Theatre
1111 SW Broadway
Portland, United States
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