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Equity - Diversity - Inclusion

White Bird's Equity Commitment


White Bird believes in the transformative power of movement and its capability to uplift, inspire, and unite. Historically, institutionalized performing arts were built within a system of ingrained racism, sexism, ableism, and ageism, with the result being a field that does not prioritize the voices of marginalized groups. Our commitment is to break down these structures and to foster a community that not only represents a diverse range of individuals, but gives equal access and value to their voices.  


The entire staff and board at White Bird understand that systemic social norms are inherently biased. We acknowledge the unique nuances between equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), and recognize the added complexities of addressing these concepts in a historically oppressive region such as Oregon. Our vision is an ecosystem where the power of the arts is able to impact and inspire all communities, while simultaneously uniting each individual in a shared human experience.   


Knowing that this is an ever-evolving process, we at White Bird pledge to: 

  • Use our privileged position to amplify the voices, stories, and histories of marginalized communities through movement

  • Hold ourselves accountable for past ignorance, and learn from any future transgressions

  • Actively strive to dismantle systemically oppressive cycles within the performing arts

  • Harness our influence as presenters to create spaces for underrepresented artists by actively programming companies that meet our standards of EDI

  • Consciously work to redefine the dynamic of venues that traditionally prioritize the comfort of white, able-bodied, affluent, cisgender patrons

  • Ensure that all White Bird spaces (theaters, offices, and events) remain respectful, inclusive, and safe for all

  • Foster conversations on the intersection of performative dance and social change

  • Be active listeners, respect existing knowledge, and avoid assumptions on how to best meet the needs of those in our community

  • Approach our EDI work from a place of humility; understanding that these efforts are non-negotiable, and that the progress can only be achieved through actions not rhetoric


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