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Current Subscribers

Need assistance with your current subscription, donating your tickets to NEST, exchanging your subscription tickets or renewing your subscription? Contact Patron Services for additional help

NEST Ticket Donating
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Unable to use your tickets for an upcoming performance? Please donate your tickets to our NEST program!


* Ticket donations are tax deductible only if received 48 hours prior to the performance

Ticket Exchange
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As a White Bird subscriber, you have the benefit of Exchanging your tickets for another day should you be unable to make a performance you have a ticket to.

  • Subject to availability.

  • Comparable seats can’t be guaranteed.

  • Tickets must be exchanged no later than 5pm the day before the performance.

  • There are no refunds or exchanges on missed performances.

Renew Your Subscription

How to renew:


  • Renew online by completing the renewal form below.


  • Renew via your personalized renewal forms which you will receive in the mail by mid-May.

  • If you haven't received your renewal from by June 1st or have additional questions, please contact White Bird's Director of Patron Services and Communication, Christopher Carvalho, using the button below.