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Black Grace, Photo by: Duncan Cole

Current Subscribers
Thank You For Being a White Bird Subscriber!
Ticket Exchnge
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NEST Partners: Lutheran Community Services Northwest

NEST Ticket Donating

Unable to use your tickets for an upcoming performance? Please donate your tickets to our NEST program!

NEST is a cornerstone program of White Bird's community engagement. Each year, White Bird offers over 400 contributed tickets to our NEST partner organizations. For NEST recipients, this program provides access to world-class dance presented through White Bird - a special and new experience for many of the recipients.

Thanks to your ticket donations, White Bird has been able to give this gift to nearly 10,000 people over the past 21 years! 

* Ticket donations are currently unavailable and will open August 1, 2023 and are tax deductible only if received 48 hours prior to the performance

Image by Felix Mooneeram
Ticket Exchange

As a White Bird subscriber, you have the benefit of Exchanging your tickets for another day should you be unable to make a performance you have a ticket to.

  • Subject to availability.

  • Comparable seats can’t be guaranteed.

  • Tickets must be exchanged no later than 5pm the day before your original ticketed performance.

  • There are no refunds or exchanges on missed performances.

* Exchanges are currently unavailable and will open August 1, 2023. If you have questions or need immediate assistance, please contact

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Sydney Dance Company, Photo by: Pedro Greig

Renewing Subscriptions

Renewal Deadline: Friday, June 30

RENEW ONLINE - Renew online by clicking the button below


* Payment will not be collected immediately after completing the form. In 2-3 business days you will receive a secure credit card link from White Bird with your subscription information. *

RENEW WITH PAPER FORM - If you previously renewed via paper renewal form, you should receive one again by Monday, May 8. If you did not receive the form, or would like to request one, please email

Mail completed forms to:

White Bird, P.O. Box 99, Portland, OR 97207-0099

Scan and email forms to: 

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