“Cuisine & Confessions” from Montreal’s Famed 7 Fingers Circus Company Combines Acrobatics and Cooking


What: The 7 Fingers: Cuisine & Confessions
Presented by: White Bird
When: Thursday – Saturday, March 2-4, 2017 7:30 pm + Saturday 2pm Matinee
Where: Newmark Theatre, Portland’5, 1111 SW Broadway, Portland, OR
Sponsors: Darci & Charlie Swindells, Media Sponsor: The Oregonian
Tickets: Starting at $26, available at whitebird.org and Portland’5 Box Office,
1111 SW Broadway (formerly PCPA) NO added fees.1-800-380-3516 (added fees apply).
Discounts available for groups/students and seniors.

“A perfect blend with just the right dose of ingredients.” – The Huffington Post
“My only regret is that I do not have six stars to give.” Boston EVENTS Insider

White Bird is delighted to bring back The 7 Fingers (Les 7 doigts de la main) from Montreal, world famous for its “circus on a human scale,” with a thrilling new show Cuisine & Confessions that unites daring acrobatic movement with actual cooking on stage. Les 7 doigts de la main translates literally as “the 7 fingers of the hand,” a twist on a French idiom (“the five fingers of the hand”) and refers to the 7 founding directors of the company who, by combining their distinct talents and experiences, work towards their common artistic goals with the beautifully awkward dexterity of a 7-fingered hand. Following White Bird’s memorable presentation of their movement-based Sequence 8 in 2015, The 7 Fingers return to Portland with Cuisine & Confessions, which will strongly appeal not only to circus and dance lovers but also to the city’s passionate food enthusiasts! There will be four performances, Thursday through Saturday, March 2-4 7:30pm as well as a matinee performance, Saturday 2pm.

In Cuisine & Confessions, also known as Kitchen Confessions, life happens in the kitchen on this stage, which is inspired by actual kitchens of the two creative directors Shana Carroll and Sébastien Soldevila. The nine performers, from Argentina, France, Russia and the US, are outstanding circus artists, specializing in trapeze, hoop-diving, hand-to-hand, aerial and many other acrobatic skills. At the same time they tell their individual stories, and by the end of the show, the audience knows each one of them intimately. They are also great cooks!  Not only do they execute dazzling acrobatic choreography, set to pulsating music, but they appeal to three primary senses of touch, smell and taste — the touch of hands in batter, the smell of pasta and cake baking, and the taste of roasted oregano.

The important things to know about Cuisine & Confessions are:
1. The stories the performers tell are true—based on their personal lives.
2. The show has been performed in 7 languages around the world.
3. All food is prepared live on stage. From the time the show begins to the conclusion, food is always cooking on stage. The audience is invited to taste the food at the end of the show.
4. There is a to-do list on a chalkboard—showing the list of numbers and tasks involved—which the performers cross out as the show progresses.
5. Cast members take turns washing the dishes.  The Cuisine & Confessions performers are in fact a closely-bonded family, and each helps out in cleaning the dishes and utensils.

Between the jaw-dropping acrobatics, skillful dancing, live on-stage cooking, and dramatic story-telling, there is never a dull moment on the flour-covered stage of Cuisine & Confessions.

When The 7 Fingers were first formed in 2002, each of the founding members had nearly 20 years of performance experience. Drawing from their decades on the road and in the ring, these friends and colleagues shared a desire to break the mold, to offer a brand new form of circus performance. They envisioned a “circus at human scale” — shows seeped in intimacy and familiarity that brought the empowerment of the extraordinary through the proximity of the ordinary, with very real human beings who breathed and danced and spoke from the heart. Perpetually blurring the lines between contemporary dance and acrobatics, between theatre and athleticism, they strive towards the undefinable, uncategorized, visceral, breathtaking and touchingly human.

The directors of Cuisine & Confessions are Shana Carroll and Sébastien Soldevila. Shana Carroll, as co-founding artistic director of The 7 Fingers, has directed and/or codirected Loft, La Vie, Traces, Séquence 8, Le Mur mure du Coquelicot, Cuisine & Confessions, Psy, Cabaret, and FeriAmuse. Carroll is well known for her choreography and circus staging, and has won four gold medals at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris. She directed Il fait Dimanche for Montreal’s National Circus School and is responsible for the acrobatic design and choreography of Cirque du Soleil’s Paramour (2016) and Iris (2011), as well as its performance at the 2012 Academy Awards. She began her career as a trapeze artist at San Francisco’s Pickle Family Circus and went on to a 20-year career in the air before founding 7 Fingers.  Sébastien Soldevila codirected Loft, La Vie, Séquence 8, Cuisine & Confessions, and Le Murmure du Coquelicot, which he also wrote. He is an acrobatic coach for Montreal’s National Circus School and on most of the Company’s shows. In 2007 he won a gold medal at the Festival Mondial de Cirque de demain in Paris with partner Émilie Bonnavaud for a hand to hand number choreographed by Shana Carroll. He choreographed the first part of the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, which was viewed around the world by three billion people.

White Bird’s 19th season (2016-17) is supported by the Regional Arts & Culture Council, including support from the City of Portland, Multnomah County and the Arts Education & Access Fund; Work for Art; The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, Ronni Lacroute/WillaKenzie Estate, National Endowment for the Arts, Oregon Arts Commission, Starseed Foundation, WESTAF and The Autzen Foundation.

“Cuisine & Confessions” from Montreal’s Famed 7 Fingers Circus Company Combines Acrobatics and Cooking