About White Bird

Dedicated to Excellence in Dance, White Bird is committed to bringing the best Portland-based, regional, national, and international dance companies to Portland, Oregon and to fostering the growth of dance in the region. Through presenting established and emerging companies and choreographers, commissioning and co-commissioning new work, as well as collaborating with other arts organizations in Portland and the region, we are able to make these dance performances possible.  White Bird strongly believes in making dance exciting, educational, and accessible to everyone, young and old, of all social backgrounds, and through contributed income and sponsorships, is able to facilitate outreach to schools and keep ticket prices affordable. A passionate advocate for dance, White Bird strives to broaden audiences, develop new dance venues, and support both existing and new dance programs.

250 dance companies presented
36 new works commissioned
5,000 students reached annually

Walter Jaffe and Paul King launched White Bird in July 1997 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing excellence in dance to Portland, Oregon. Their cockatoo Barney, the ‘CEO’ and namesake of the organization, keeps things lively, and is over 30 years old.

Photo by Chris Roesing 

White Bird Team 

Walter JaffeCo-Founder, wjaffe@whitebird.org
Paul King, Co-Founder, pking@whitebird.org

Ivy Farrell, Director of Patron Services, ivy@whitebird.org 

Beth Whelan, Director of Communications, NEST Coordinator, elizabeth@whitebird.org

Matthew Bade, Director of Revenue, Artistic and Community Partnerships, matthew@whitebird.org

David Nolfi, Director of Finance, david@whitebird.org

Jeff ForbesTechnical Director

Lauren Bayard, Volunteer Poster/Flyer Coordinator, posters@whitebird.org
Connie Guist, Stephanie Sussman, Jessica VasiOfficeVolunteers
Natalie Anthony, Graphic Design
Dave Weaver/Webaissance, Web Designer

Board of Directors 

Paul King, President

Walter Jaffe, Secretary, Treasurer 

Ann Edwards, Ken Edwards, Susan Ellis, Meredith English, Kim Allchurch Flick,Sandra Holmes, Carol Ihlenburg, Gary Nelson, James Thompson, Minh Tran, VinhWong
Nancy & George Thorn, Founding Board Members Emereti